You and your staff are truly outstanding, professional and compassionate. Above and beyond. You worked so closely with us to accommodate [C.B] in anticipation of his arrival at G’town Living and gracefully accepted a completely different client. Your flexibility and responsiveness to [C.B’s] rapidly changing needs truly eased so much of the burden our family experienced this year.

– J.M.B. 7/2014


…As a group you showed compassion and understanding and that was a great attribute. [My wife] would have thanked you, if only she could, for the things you did for her. As she couldn’t do it, I am now thanking you.

– B. G.


Below is an excerpt from a letter written to us from D. Merriam. Mrs. Merriam has a very unique situation because her recently diagnosed husband wanted to select his care home himself for when he may need it. He selected Georgetown Living, and then years later he decided to move in.

Georgetown Living is the best Alzheimer’s unit in Georgetown. My husband – and I researched 6-8 Alzheimer’s facilities and Memory Care units soon after he was diagnosed in mid-2011. We both considered Georgetown Living as the best we saw.

Thankfully we did not need a unit at that time. It took about three years before we needed to consider a unit like this again. Tom developed ‘wandering’ which is walking off from where he is supposed to be and becoming lost and possibly becoming a danger to himself. His first episode was in San Antonio, Texas last year at Thanksgiving. He had a very bad experience. Then this year (2014) he had 4 times where he wandered. I was able to find him for the first 3 episodes but on the 4th I could not locate him. All of Sun City, The Worship Place and the police were notified and were out looking for him. After about five hours he was located without any harm coming to him.

Georgetown Living has a wonderful and capable staff. The first few days my husband tried to leave several times. The staff helped him over this hurdle while continuing to maintain a positive relationship with him. The staff goes over the top to make living at Georgetown a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Right away every client placed there is able to feel wanted and loved. They treat each client like family. Clients are kissed and hugged to let them know that they are cared about and have a wonderful place to live. The staff realizes that everyone may wish to have some privacy but at other times may need someone to listen. The staff also helped the friends and relatives of each client to feel comfortable and enjoy their time at Georgetown.

I felt totally comfortable with the people in charge and the ones that made all this happen. Char Hu, PhD is the Director and available at all times. I felt able to talk with him at any time. The Senior Assistant Director is Jane Lowrance; she is in charge of the building that my husband was in. She makes you feel totally comfortable with her and the whole situation. She was there many hours, including on weekends and holidays.

After the initial settling in, my husband started to participate in the many events offered by the Georgetown Living staff. He got to know many of the clients that shared his experiences. My husband is a very happy individual and this shows up in all that he does. He can win over people and talk with them wherever he is living.

Another area for consideration is enabling the clients to participate in a church service every Sunday. They usually have about 18-20 clients and relatives attend. Georgetown Living has two buildings. Clients from both joined to come to the service every Sunday.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the beauty outside around the buildings. Georgetown Living sits in an open desert like terrain. There are trees, shrubs, cactus, and flowers all over the land. It gives one a calming feeling just to sit and look out the window.

The land was available to two longhorns (one is pregnant). They have a huge area to roam, eat, and rest. Nearly every day they would wander down our way. Sometimes they even took a rest break lying down near our window. We also had wild deer and their babies come by. One came right up to our window to munch the grass. We had a lot of birds we could watch. This was all out in front of our building.

The other building also has animals to watch. They have a donkey, goats, and sheep plus deer. I remember 2 years ago when we came to look at Georgetown Living we saw a huge blond wild hog.

Georgetown Living is in a beautiful setting. This beauty is inside as well as outside.

– D. Merriam , 6/2014.

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