Our Design Philosophy

From the onset, our focus has been to design a home that helps to soothe and calm, yet engage our residents. We accomplish this by interlacing the natural beauty of our surroundings with modern advancements.

Our design philosophy begins with our unique floor plan. We shunned the corridor model (where rooms are situated along hallways and common areas are separated) for assisted living as it is easy for staff members to monitor the residents if their rooms are housed along a series of long corridors. In our community, a staff member can monitor all residents in all common areas of our facility from virtually any point on our “floor”. Furthermore, individuals with dementia cannot be expected to utilize all the amenities of the facility (activity room, dining room, living room, etc.) if there is no clear line of sight to other areas. In our community, all amenities are immediately available right when they step out of their room.

Several other design cues (touched on below) are intended to enhance the every day experience of our residents. It has been continually shown that depression is a main driving force behind reduced quality of life and health among those with dementia. We believe that the proper environment can create a mood of positivity and calm. We accomplish this with a carefully selected color palette, variety of lighting sources and vintage-inspired décor.

Our general design philosophy is a simple yet elegant solution to a complex problem. Here are some of our highlights: