Our Amenities

We believe that our residents’ environment is key towards continual well-being. Therefore, here just a few of the amenities that Georgetown Living has to offer.

In-House Home Health Agency

We are the only community in the area with our own Medicare-Certified Home Health Agency. This means that we have our own therapists (physical, occupational and speech) and nurses that provide skilled care to our residents. This creates an unbeatable level of care coordination.

Room Amenities

Each resident room is designed to be a safe haven for each of our residents. Here are a few highlights of each resident room:

  • Private and semi-private rooms available
  • Large built-in closets with shelves
  • Fully carpeted bedroom to create a homey atmosphere
  • Large windows view our beautiful courtyards or Texas countryside
  • Emergency call systems in bathrooms and living rooms
  • Available motion sensing services for fall prevention
  • Large ADA accessible private half bathrooms
  • Lively wall color to promote positive moods
  • Individually colored doors to aid with orientation
  • Double alcoves and solid doors for sound dampening and privacy
  • Built in cabinet with drawers for storage
  • Built in shelving unit for storage and resident photos and decorations


Exterior Garden Areas

We believe in the necessity of daily outdoor activity time. In addition to our long walkway on our 15acres (~0.1 miles), we have 2 separate garden areas that provide a fantastic activity for our residents. The dual gardens have complementary purposes. One garden is meant for exercising with its concrete infinity path and several vegetable gardens for exercise. The other garden has a fish pond, 6 different flower types (different colors, scents and shapes) and gazebo for relaxation.

Petting Zoo

Animal therapy is one of the easiest, and most stimulating, ways that we can engage our residents. So, we have a whole farm load of animals to add a little fun to our outdoor time. We have longhorns, sheep, goats and donkeys.

Beauty Salon

Nothing excites our residents more than beauty salon day (well, maybe ice cream). Every Wednesday they have their hair cut, colored or set. They don’t have to travel far, as we have our own large on-site beauty salon.

Cozy Sitting Area

Sitting areas help to promote social interaction, while providing a comfortable, and cozy area for respite

Sheltered Porch and Gazebo

A sheltered porch for enjoying the great outdoors comfortably and safely. An outdoor dining table, allows for the opportunity of casual and relaxing meals. Our gazebo, with its climbing plants, is a perfect opportunity to soak up the afternoon sun.


Read here about how we utilize technology within our community.

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