Letter from Our Founder

The Story of Georgetown Living

Several years ago my grandmother (known to me as PoPo) was diagnosed with dementia. My family visited facilities throughout Texas but found nothing that met all of our standards. We wanted more than just a nice building with nice people. We wanted a place that would actively enrich this new phase in my grandmother’s life.

This experience had a profound effect on my mother. She wanted to create a facility that would cater to all aspects of Alzheimer’s care: a home that was both beautifully built and thoughtfully run. Georgetown Living is the fulfillment of this desire.

Despite my involvement since its inception, I was wholly unprepared for the immediate sense of purpose I felt once I became Director and began spending every day with our residents. That purpose is to ensure that Alzheimer’s Disease never feels like the end. My team is always finding better ways to actively stimulate, engage and care for our residents. It is my responsibility every single day to ensure that Georgetown Living is a place that would have made my PoPo happy.

Char Hu, Ph.D
Co-Founder & Director
Georgetown Living

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