In-Home Care

Home Health Services

Home health is a wonderful service that can be 100% reimbursed by Medicare for individuals requiring a skilled service in their home. This can include therapy services such as: physical, occupational and speech. It also can include skilled nursing service where a registered nurse visits your home to provide quality medical care. Some reasons an individual can utilize home health services are: repeated falls, a recent hospitalization, recent surgery

What makes Georgetown Living Home Health unique is our emphasis on caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Every single one of our therapists and nurses are specifically trained for the unique challenges that a patient with Alzheimer’s and dementia can present.

Georgetown Living Home Health is proud to be accredited through the Community Health Accreditation Program. A rigorous governing body the ensures that we deliver top-notch care.

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In-Home Companion Services

Some individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia are not quite ready for a full-time community. Therefore, Georgetown Living Companions is a unique service that provides our specially trained caregivers into an individual’s home.

The Georgetown Living Companion difference is that all of our caregivers are rigorously trained and tested in our community before they enter a family’s home. They undergo complete vetting and training according to our unique dementia training program. Additionally, we maintain a very small pool of clients. There is continual oversight by our clinical and management team in order to ensure that your loved one is receiving the absolute best in-home care service.

Our caregivers can help with:

Assisting with daily showers

Assisting with meal time

Carrying out activities for stimulation

Ensuring safety of the resident while caregiver is away

Providing the primary caregiver with some rest and relaxation

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