How We Use Technology

Technology is an increasingly important aspect of both our family members' and residents' lives.

We primarily use technology to renew relationships between loved ones and residents, but have increasingly begun integrating them into our activity program. Below are just a few of the ways we attempt to use technology to enrich our residents’ lives.

Custom Medication Administration Software

Two of our founders, Eric and Char, were not pleased with the available software to manage medication administration for facilities. Most of them were either out of date or not built for our caregiving population in mind, rendering the solution not suitable for our purposes. So, they harnessed their previous experience in software development and created their own!

REMI (Resident Minder) is an online electronic medication administration record system custom created by Georgetown Living. It very clearly helps remind caregivers of when and what medication to give for each resident. By always including a photo, and clear large font on medications, we are able to significantly reduce the probability of medication errors. 

Our custom solution also ensures all records are kept updated in real-time in accordance with Texas Department of Health and Human Services and federal Drug Enforcement Administration. This means we know exactly when and who administered a medication to a resident. Our great directors can check this information from anywhere on the planet.

Georgetown Living's custom electronic medication administration software

Caregiver Workflow Management

We use a variety of technologies to improve caregiver training and responsiveness. The use of multiple forms of technology from date of hire and beyond, is crucial to arming our great caregivers with the best tools to succeed. 

Examples include: 

  • up-to-date mass communication/messaging applications to update all relevant parties on status changes
  • modern video training, both customized to our facility and more general
  • custom Wiki pages for procedures to all incidences that might occur
  • electronic medication administration platform
  • electronic charting to immediately find allergies and contact information

Video Conferencing

Communication is always better when you can see the person you’re talking with. Therefore, we have the ability to hold video conferencing between our resident and their loved one. Any popular chatting program will work: Skype, iChat, and FaceTime area all supported.

Fall Prevention

Falls can precipitate a decline in functionality and mood, therefore fall prevention is one of the most important things we do as a community. We utilize our unique floor plan to have a fantastic fall record in our common areas. 

To ensure the same vigilance in our resident rooms, we can utilize a combination of state of the art bed and chair sensors, or motion sensing devices. We strive to preserve the privacy and dignity of our residents while ensuring their safety.

Facility Facebook Page

We understand that family members may be spread out all over the country, or even the world. To help bridge that gap, we update our Facebook page (click here) with relevant activities and happenings in the community. It’s a great way for loved one to remain connect to what’s happening on a regular basis.


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