How We Use Technology

Technology is an increasingly important aspect of both our family members’ and residents’ lives. We primarily use technology to renew relationships between loved ones and residents, but have increasingly begun integrating them into our activity program. Below are just a few of the ways we attempt to use technology to enrich our residents’ lives.

Resident Blogs

We understand that family members may be spread out all over the country, or even the world. To help bridge that gap, we have created personalized blogs for every resident. Each blog is password protected, so privacy is preserved. We update the family members on activities that their loved one may be engaged in and have a forum for discussions.

Below is a screen capture of what a blog may look like.


We use our Facebook page (click here) to update our families regarding our community-wide activities. It’s a great way for loved ones to remain connected to what’s happening on a daily basis.

Video Conferencing

Communication is always better when you can see the person you’re talking with. Therefore, we have the ability to hold video conferencing between our resident and their loved one. Any popular chatting program will work: Skype, iChat, and FaceTime area all supported.

Microsoft Connect and Nintendo Wii

This has been a fantastic addition. Granted, it is not for all of our residents, but for those who are able to participate it can be a great source of fun. The Connect system is a bit easier for our residents to use, since there is not a wand that they hold and the movements are a bit more realistic.


Brain Games

We have begun piloting the use of a much heralded program called Lumosity. For our residents that can participate, it provides a great suite of mental exercises.

Fall Prevention

Falls can precipitate a decline in functionality and mood, therefore fall prevention is one of the most important things we do as a community. We utilize our unique floor plan to have a fantastic fall record in our common areas. To ensure the same vigilance in our resident rooms, we can utilize a combination of state of the art bed and chair sensors, or motion sensing devices. We strive to preserve the privacy and dignity of our residents while ensuring their safety.