Georgetown Living Alzheimer's community map

Georgetown Living Alzheimer’s community map

Our phone number: 512.863.9888
Our fax number: 512.863.8222
Our physical address: 2700 Shell Rd./Georgetown, TX/78628
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    Home Health Contact Information

    Placement Advice and Help

    Our goal is to help every family find their proper level of care for their loved one. This can be with our community or not. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have about our community/approach or just about the proper type of care for your loved one.

    We help with some of the most common questions, such as:

    • When do you know it’s time for a facility?
    • How can I keep my loved one at home longer?
    • Are there technological solutions to staying at home?
    • What sort of caregiver support is available in the community?
    • What is the best type of facility for my loved one?

    Please do not hesitate to reach out for help.

    Interested in what our families say about us? Click here to read some testimonials.

    Our Location

    Our community is situated on 15 acres of land close to I-35 in Georgetown, TX which is located 30 minutes north of Austin and provides a haven from the urban sprawl. We are just miles from Sun City, an active retirement community that provides many opportunities for social networking.

    We can be difficult to find for first-timers since we intentionally situated our buildings off the road for a bit more seclusion. We sit on 15 acres of undeveloped land on Shell Rd. in Georgetown, Texas, which is between Williams Dr. and Highway 195.

    Look for the US Flag and our “Georgetown Living” sign just off the road. Drive up our private driveway (watch out for our particularly large speed bumps!) and you’ll see our beautiful buildings right at the top of the small hill. You may come to either building for assistance.

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